Chinese Formulas Frequently Used in Kampo

Common Name and Pinyin Ingredients Typical Applications Bupleurum and Cinnamon Combination Chaihu Guizhi Tang bupleurum, scute, pinellia, ginseng, cinnamon, peony, ginger, licorice, jujube Combined internal and surface disorders; mainly respiratory system diseases; also for epilepsy. Bupleurum and Dragon Bone Combination Chaihu Jia Longgu Muli Tang bupleurum, scute, pinellia, ginger, hoelen, cinnamon, ginseng, jujube, dragon bone, […]

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Spinal Cord injury & Acupuncture

Spinal Cord Injuries     Spinal cord injuries usually begin with a blow that fractures or dislocates your vertebrae, the bone disks that make up your spine. Most injuries don’t sever your spinal cord. Instead, they cause damage when pieces of vertebrae tear into cord tissue or press down on the nerve parts that carry signals. […]

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Home remedies | Chicken pox

Chickenpox is caused by the virus known as varicella-zoster and spreads easily from one person to another. This disease can spread through air or contact with saliva, mucus, or fluid from blisters of an infected individual. The infected person is contagious from a day or two before the rashes appear, until the time when all […]

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Micro-Chinese Medicines

Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) has been used by Chinese people to treat various diseases and strengthening physical health for thousands of years, however it has not be fully understood by westerners. Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is based on TCM and it has overcome the main disadvantage of TCM and it is more effective and efficient in […]

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Alternative Treatment for Heart Attack

A healthy diet and lifestyle are essential to maintaining a healthy heart. Alternative treatments and lifestyle changes can improve your heart health and reduce your risk of a heart attack. But it’s important to ensure that lifestyle changes don’t interfere with medications you may be taking. So always consult your doctor before trying any alternative […]

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Nausea & Vomiting

Throwing up, as everyone knows, is not pleasant. Usually, but not always, it’s preceded by a queasy sensation in the belly, called nausea. The two conditions can be a sign that the stomach is irritated (by a certain food or medicine, too much food or alcohol, or an infection) or a symptom of a disorder […]

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In lipedema (also spelled lipoedema), the fat cells in certain parts of the body experience overgrowth and swelling. It results in an abnormal accumulation of fat, particularly in the lower half of the body; often the arms are affected too. Alternative Treatments Traditional medical treatments have not been all that successful in treating lipedema, so many […]

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Description of Anemia Iron deficiency anemia is the most common nutritional disease in the world. Anemia literally means, “without blood”, and is a deficiency of red blood cells, or the presence of abnormal red blood cells due either to reduced production, abnormal production, excess destruction, or blood loss. Symptoms of Anemia Tiredness, dizziness, headaches, depression, […]

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Natural Treatments for Crohn’s Disease

The first line of treatment for Crohn’s is typically medication, but more people are also seeking natural treatments to ease their symptoms. Natural treatments are sometimes called alternative, complementary, or integrative medicine. While all three terms generally refer to a treatment outside of typical mainstream medicine, the terms actually refer to different things. Alternative medicine […]

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